The story of Sarin Technologies

The story of Sarin Technologies
Sarin Technologies Ltd. is a company that develops technological solutions for the planning and processing of diamond data, and was established in 1989 by a group of gemologists who have strived to produce advanced technological equipment for processing gemstones.
The company's products enable the plan how to cut rough diamonds in a way that maximizes their value, and uses laser beams to map their structure and foresee their valued value.
Among the company's developments- DiaMobile- Raw Appraisal Machine, ADVISOR and GALAXY-MACHINERY for Raw Mapping, QUAZER-MACHINES for raw rousting, INSTRUCTOR-SOFTWARE for diagnosing and rating the diamond, And more.
About 80% of the diamonds traded worldwide are currently processed by the company's technological innovations, which in 30 years have become a leader in the global industry.
In 2018, Sarin opened the first diamond grading laboratories based on AI artificial intelligence - in February in Israel and May in India, leading the next technological era. Through Sarine Profile ™ reports, Sarine Laboratories provide accurate diamond grading information in an interactive digital display that redefines the retail industry and the consumer experience.