The Diamond Tech Innovation Center was established by the Israel Diamond Exchange. The IDE is a world leader in the diamond industry.


The diamond industry generates about $ 70 billion a year and is based mainly on traditional processes and an "old economy". In recent years, a real technological revolution has been taking place in the veteran industry, making it fascinating and innovative. The diamond trade goes to the Internet, along with the production, marketing and sales processes.


As part of a comprehensive technological revolution, the IDE decided to establish an innovation center (technological incubator) to encourage technological entrepreneurship and development in the diamond industry.


The Diamond Tech Innovation Center provides support and backing to entrepreneurs and start-ups, the future pioneers of the technological revolution in the diamond world on various fields, including robotics, big data, 3D imaging, block chain, P2P payments, machine learning, advanced measuring, Bot technology, AI , AR, CRM, Mobile, Social media, Fraud detection, FinTech and more.