Diamond Tech is located in Ramat Gan at the Israel diamond Exchange. Our program serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas in the diamond world. Leading to change and development of technologies in the diamond industry.
"Entry ticket" to the Israel Diamond Exchange's eco system
  • Meetings with diamond exchange members
  • Knowledge in the field of the craft
  • Access to production processes
  • International exposure to the industry and its players
Diamond Tech location


  • Located within the secured area of the Israel Diamond Exchange
  • Comfortable and luxurious offices
  • Direct connections and full access to all the elements in the industry
  • One of the international diamond centers that attracts all the major players in the industry 
Mentors from the diamond field and outside it
  • Building a strategy and work plan
  • Guidance and development challenges
  • Networking and contacts with key figures in the diamond industry
  • Professional workshops